99. The Music of Better Call Saul: I Like To Score (pilot)



We wanted to do something really different for our 99th episode. So we did a different show! This is the pilot of a podcast we are thinking about producing called I Like To Score. It’s about the music of popular TV shows. We need your feedback so email us at shieldsbrothers at gmail.com.

Also, we mention the Ink Spots early in this episode. If you want an Ink Spots refresher, listen to our Who Stole What Michael Jackson – Prince of Thieves episode.

Finally, Who Stole What, Episode #100 comes out this week. We’ve been hard at work making something cool for you guys. Thanks for listening!

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2 comments on “99. The Music of Better Call Saul: I Like To Score (pilot)
  1. Thomas Golubić says:

    Hey Guys,
    That was fun. I hope you keep up the Better Call Saul music podcasts. You have my ears.

    • Shields Brothers says:

      What an honor to have you listen! We had lots of downloads on the episode and we are definitely going to do the rest of the season. Thanks again. Hoping to keep your ears,