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159. Melania Trump: You Couldn’t Steal From Anybody Else?

This is a podcast primarily about music but on occasion we have to recognize other forms of stealing. At the RNC last night, Melania Trump plagiarized Michelle Obama. The irony was too good not to talk about it.

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158. Ghostbusters 2016 Still Stealing #FlashbackFriday

The new Ghostbusters movie is out this weekend and we ain’t afraid of no ghosts or plagiarism accusations. So we’re looking at the Ghostbuster theme and all the drama that swirled around this famous plagiarism case. BTW, we’re excited to

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157. How Do You Think About Music? Musical Tropes

Traditionally, we break music up into genres – rock, country, classical, etc. But what if we broke it up in a different way? This week we talk about musical tropes that transcend genre. Enjoy!

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156. Italians Didn’t Just Invent the Meatball: Musical Terms

So many of the words we use in music come from some surprising places. We had fun with this week’s musicology episode looking at common classical music terms you know – piano, A cappella, and even tuba. Hope you enjoy!

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155. The Ubiquitous 3 Chords : The Beatles & One Direction

Summer will be here this weekend! And this episode is sweet but short — we talk about the chords that connect Grease, One Direction and The Beatles. We do a singing demonstration – Enjoy! Shields Brothers Mashup: Twist & Shout

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154. The Beat That Dominates Music: The 4 on the Floor

We’re continuing with our special musicology series this week. This time we’re talking about the beat that came along that has dominated music since the 1970s — the 4 on the Floor. Big thanks to The A.V.Club for the great

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153. Girly Man Singing: Falsetto Explained

Men’s high voices – ever wonder why Adam Levine or Justin Timberlake sound like that? Falsetto is the answer. Do women have falsetto? Take a listen to a special musicology episode.

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152. The Legends of Prince

Still reeling from Prince’s death, we decided to talk about some of his most famous exploits and songwriting stories – some good, some a little steal-y, some involving Michael Jackson. We love you Prince.

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