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155. The Ubiquitous 3 Chords : The Beatles & One Direction

Summer will be here this weekend! And this episode is sweet but short — we talk about the chords that connect Grease, One Direction and The Beatles. We do a singing demonstration – Enjoy! Shields Brothers Mashup: Twist & Shout

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10. Bollywood Steals: Jay-z, Black-Eyed Peas, Britney Spears

East Side! West Side! No we aren’t talking about gansta rap. We’re talking about rappers from America stealing songs from India and Egypt. Who Stole What Podcast Subscribe on iTunes

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Lady Gaga APPLAUSE Cover

Here is our take on Lady Gaga’s new hit Applause! We used a glockenspiel. Download our cover song for FREE! Click on the button

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Mumford and Sons Hopeless Wanderer Irish Version

Rocking our Irish roots with this week’s cover of Mumford and Sons Hopeless Wanderer. Using a Bodhran to make it an Irish version!

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Internet Icon Season 2 – Here are the top 10!

You can watch our submission video which got us in the TOP 10 and on the Internet Icon show. Tonight the first video challenge will be revealed!

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